Useful Links

Here are a few useful links to some of the other web sites I find useful – and most importantly, reliable and accurate in the information they provide:

“It’s Not Just a Fish”  is  great for information about fish welfare and responsible fish keeping. INJAF was founded by a friend from a forum who is dedicated to the welfare of both captive and wild fish and in particular the humble and much abused goldfish.

Seriously Fish

Seriously Fish is an essential site to help  you to choose fish that suit the conditions you can give them.





Fishbase is a huge, worldwide database of thousands of species’ with data on water parameters, size and habitat collected from the wild locations of the fish.



Planet Catfish

Planet Catfish is a truly massive and detailed searchable database of thousands of catfish species’.



The Aquarium Guide

     A new aquatics site with some useful guides and infographics.




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