Zebra Danio – Brachydanio rerio

Zebra Danio - Brachydanio rerio

  • pH: 6-8
  • gH: 5-20
  • Temperature: 18-25C
  • Maximum Size: 5cm
  • Minimum Tank Size: 80 litres, 90x30x30cm

The zebra danio is a very peaceful species originating from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Several variations have been line bred including gold (seen in the photo above), leopard and longfin variants.


Brachydanio rerio is a good community fish which will fit into many different communities of fish enjoying its parameters including tetras, rainbowfishes, other cyprinids, livebearers, loches etc.. A large shoal of 10 or more is better as it can be shy and nervous in smaller groups.

Housing and Feeding

As the zebra danio is a fast moving fish, the tank should be no smaller than cited above, to give it plenty of swimming space. Plants are a good addition which will make it feel more secure and less nervous, when it will show at its best.

Commercial foods are taken readily, with the occasional treat of live or frozen daphnia, bloodworm and so on being appreciated.


The zebra danio is an egg scatterer and takes no interest in its eggs or fry other than to see them as a tasty snack. Some fry may manage to hide away in a planted set up, but generally, all eggs or fry will be eaten, especially in a community tank.


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