Lake Inle Loach – Petruichthys brevis

Lake Inle Loach - Petruichthys brevis

  • pH: 6-8
  • gH: 3-15 dGh
  • Temperature: 19-8-24C
  • Maximum Size: 6cm
  • Minimum Tank Size: 80 litres, 90x30x30cm


Found only in Lake Inle, Myanmar and surrounding area the Inle loach inhabits clear, shallow waters in amongst the plants at the margins of the water.


This is a gregarious species so its main tankmates will be more of its own kind – 8-10 as a minimum. Small characins and rasboras along with other very peaceful loaches and small catfish are suitable too.

Housing and Feeding

Petruichthys brevis does best in a well-planted tank wit structure for exploring in the form of rockwork and crevices, bogwood, branches, and twigs.
The Inle loach has a small mouth and will accept crushed commercial foods along with frozen/live daphnia, bloodworm etc..


In the correct conditions and with plenty of plants and decor, this species will breed in aquaria. The young are very tiny so a mature tank which has developed a healthy amount of micro-organisms for them to feed on is most likely to lead to success.


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