Keyhole Cichlid – Cleithracara maronii

Keyhole Cichlid - Cleithracara maronii

  • pH: 5-7.5
  • gH: 2-12 dGh
  • Temperature: 22-28C
  • Maximum Size: 11cm male, 7.5cm female
  • Minimum Tank Size: 90x30x30cm, 80 litres


The keyhole cichlid is a very peaceful cichlid, ideal for newcomers to cichlid-keeping and originating from Guyana where it inhabits slow-moving waters which are very soft and acidic.


Very peaceful unless breeding and compatible with just about any species’ that enjoy similar water parameters.

Housing and Feeding

The keyhole cichlid is happy in either a well-planted tank or in blackwater conditions with a few caves and bogwood.

The keyhole cichlid is an unfussy feeder and will eat anything offered. A staple diet of a good cichlid pellet plus live and frozen foods will keep it happy and healthy.


The pair will spawn on a flat rock or similar and once the eggs have hatched may move them more than once to pre-dug pits in the sand. Keyhole cichlids are good parents and take care of their offspring well. In a community tank most, if not all eggs/fry will be eaten by tank mates, however, I was fortunate recently to have four survive to adulthood in a community with plenty of live plants for cover and diligent parents.


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