Hump-backed Limia – Limia nigrofasciata

Hump-backed Limia - Limia nigrofasciata

  • pH: 7-8
  • gH: 10-25 dGh
  • Temperature: 22-26C
  • Maximum Size: 6cm
  • Minimum Tank Size: 40 litres, 45x30x30cm

The Hump-backed limia is a more unusual livebearer from Haiti and the Dominican Republic which fell out of favour, but is currently having enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The male of this species develops a pronounced hump in his back, which is where the name originates.


A peaceful fish which will do well in a mixed community of species that share its need for hard, alkaline water. Other livebearers are a good match as are some of the more hard water tolerant corydoras at the lower end of this fish’s hardness and pH range.

Housing and Feeding

A planted tank with some areas of open water is preferred.

Hump-backed limias will eat most commercial and live/frozen foods, but it should be provided with regular portions of vegetable-based food as well, either in the form of fresh vegetables added to the tank (courgette, romaine lettuce etc.,) or vegetable-based flake food.


As with most livebearers, these fish breed readily in the right conditions, producing up to 50 fry after a 6-8 week gestation period. The fry are born alive and free-swimming and can take foods like live baby brine shrimp immediately. Young mature by about 6 months of age.


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