Empire Gudgeon – Hypseleotris compressa

Empire Gudgeon - Hypseleotris compressa

pH: 5-9
gH: 2-25 dGh
Temperature: 20-35C
Maximum Size: 10-12cm
Minimum Tank Size:  70 litres, 80x30x30cm

The empire gudgeon is a stunningly attractive fish with an incredibly wide range of tolerance for pH and hardness. It originates from Northern Austalia and  New Guinea and males are much brighter coloured than females.


The empire gudgeon is relatively peaceful, but not a typical community fish as it will eat any fish small enough to fit in its mouth. Despite its wide range of hardness and pH it does do best in harder water and both rainbowfishes and livebearers make good tank mates.

Housing and Feeding

If keeping a group, provide plenty of sight breaks in the form of tall plants, bogwood, and rocks to prevent too much aggression from the dominant fish.

The empire gudgeon prefers live/frozen foods, which should make up most of its diet, but flake will also usually be taken.


Successful captive breeding is very rare due to the fry needing to be moved to marine conditions soon after hatching and then back to freshwater as they grow. The fry are also very tiny and need microscopic marine plankton and algae as first foods.


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