Ember Tetra – Hyphessobrycon amandae

Ember Tetra - Hyphessobrycon amandae

  • pH: 5-7
  • gH: 1-10 dGh
  • Temperature: 5-7
  • Maximum Size: 2cm
  • Minimum Tank Size: 40 litres, 45x30x30cm

The ember tetra originates from Brazil and is a small and eye-catching shoaling species. Ideal for smaller aquariums.


A somewhat shy fish, it displays at its best when kept in a fairly large group. Companions should be of a similar temperament, Otocinclus, most cories, hatchet fish, South American dwarf cichlids are just a few of many suitable species.

Housing and Feeding

Prefers a well-planted tank with subdued lighting – floating plants are useful for this.

The ember tetra will happily take crushed flake or micropellets, but should also be offered live or frozen foods.


This species scatters its eggs and will eat them given the chance. In a community tank, successful breeding is unlikely as most/all eggs will be eaten by somebody!


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