Elegant Cory – Corydoras elegans

Elegant Cory - Corydoras elegans

  • pH: 6-7.5
  • gH: 1-15 dGh
  • Temperature: 20-26C
  • Maximum Size: 5cm
  • Minimum Tank Size: 40 litres, 45x30x30cm

Corydoras elegans is a popular small cory species from a wide area of South America. As with all cories, a group of at least six is needed for them to feel at home and thrive.


This is a very peaceful species and will fit well with a peaceful community of fish who share its requirements.

Housing and Feeding

Use fine sand on the tank floor to prevent the cory from damaging its barbels while foraging for food.

Most commercial sinking foods are readily eaten and should be supplemented with the occasional treat of live or frozen food.


Corydoras elegans breeds in a similar fashion to other cories, with cool water changes acting as a trigger for spawning. Eggs are fertilised by the males and then carried by the female to a spot she has chosen where they stick – sides of the tank, broad leaves of plants etc.. The eggs will hatch after 3-4 days, and it takes a further 3 days or so for the fry to become free-swimming and ready to eat. Suitable first foods include microworms, baby brine shrimps and finely powdered flake.


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