About Fishlady

About Fishlady

As this site is focused on keeping fish I expect you’ll want to know a bit about my fish keeping experience, so if you do, here goes:

I’m married and like my husband have always had a passion for animals and wildlife.  I bought my first tropical tank in 1980 and kept an assortment fish over the next twelve years, including marines. In the early 1990’s I sold the tanks when life in general meant fish keeping was too demanding.

My husband’s work involved visiting local businesses, one of which had a neglected and dirty.fish tank in reception. On one visit, my husband was informed that the company was bankrupt and everything was being cleared out by liquidators.  The tank and fish were unwanted and the company intended to flush  the sole remaining fish, a four inch albino common pleco, down the toilet and dump the tank in the factory skip. Fortunately for said pleco (and for me), my husband told them I’d take her.

A week later we drove home with a very dirty, smelly tank on the back seat of the car and a very angry pleco in a bucket between my feet! Hermione was housed in a small tank while I cleaned and re-equipped the 3 foot tank that came with her and a week or so later I moved her into her revamped quarters. Little did I know what would follow from that….

My return to the hobby gains pace
tropical fish aquarium

The same tank after a good clean: she stayed
under the bogwood for months.

When I picked Hermione up she was thin, very nervous and despite being about two years old, only four inches long. Once she was in clean water with plentiful, nutritious food and a big bog wood cave to hide in, Hermione started to grow.

Within a year she’d grown from four inches to about eight inches and a tank upgrade was essential. I bought a second hand 5ft x 18″ x 15″ tank and completely resealed it. I added a second filter and made my own DIY hood – mostly to save money, but it was also fun. Obviously, I couldn’t do away with the old three foot aquarium so I had two running.


More fish, more tanks

I took in some Clown Loaches for a friend whose circumstances had changed. They joined Hermione in the five foot tank and two more tanks came with them. At the same time I took on a pair of Angelfish that someone else had rescued from a small Biorb tank and they immediately spawned which meant the two Angels I bargained for rapidly became 100.

About then fish keeping really became a passion and I accumulated more tanks and more fish. I started participating in forums, became a moderator on one of those, had an article about me and my tanks published in Practical Fishkeeping magazine and several photos of my fish published in there too, along with writing a couple of product reviews for them.

Fish keeping and me in the present

Hermione rapidly outgrew the five footer so I bought her a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft tank two years ago.  She shares the new tank with the Clowns and others and is sixteen inches long, excluding her tail. I have nine tanks running and I am planning more.

Hermione’s 6ft tank. She moved here when
she reached 11 inches and has since
grown to 14 inches long.

I’m still active on the forums including my own forum attached to this site and on Facebook and I help out occasionally with photos for INJAF. My other hobbies include web design, photography, playing guitar, sax and clarinet and my two terriers.

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